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2014 General Chapter

From the 2014 General Chapter document on government, authority and obedience:

  1. In his letter of December 5, 2013[1], the acting general director informed the congregation of the principles that the central government was following to prevent abuses and attend any  allegation of a crime presented against a Legionary. The territorial directors also informed the General Chapter about the implementation in their territories of the “code of conduct” for Legionaries regarding dealings with minors, women, vulnerable adults, and the procedures to be followed in the case of an allegation of misconduct by a priest or religious in compliance with civil legislation of each country.

    [1] Cf. Prot. V.G. 1351-2013/11.

  2. . The chapter fathers have noted that the general director and the territorial directors have named personnel and created commissions to help local superiors fulfill these norms contained in the codes of conduct and fulfill independent accreditation standards to favor safe environments in our houses and apostolates in these last years. We ask the new government to continue these efforts so that preventive measures are enforced on an ongoing basis so that all those we work with receive the maximum possible protection to reduce risks as much as possible.
  3. .   We also ask the general director that, with the approval of his council, he establish procedures and standards for safe environments that all the territories should meet in the next 6 years. In those territories where there is no independent organization to certify the quality of abuse prevention measures, of the response to allegations, and the pastoral care of alleged or real victims, the general directorate should function as accreditor and offer assistance to the territorial directors and the coordinators for safe environments so that all necessary procedures and accreditation requisites are fulfilled.

Complete documents for the 2014 Chapter Communiqué here

2020 General Chapter

The commission’s study of the phenomenon of abuse in the Congregation between 1941 and 2019 led it to develop a series of proposals and recommendations that it will present during the General Chapter to further consolidate the commitment against child abuse and safe environments. We have noted in the historical investigation, how necessary and timely the standards of prevention are, especially in the response and supervision employed in the past few years since 2015. There is still a need to examine where there may have been cases such as cover-ups, negligence or omissions.

We will share our decisions and conclusions at the end of the General Chapter.