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Safe Environments

Our main priority is the prevention of abuse as well as the well-being and healing of any victim. The Legionaries of Christ is firmly committed to creating and maintaining safe environments for minors and vulnerable adults. In 2010, Safe Environment Policies were established for the Legionaries of Christ in the United States and in 2015 on an international level to prevent abuse, clear procedures for acting immediately on any allegations and reporting them to authorities.

We strive consistently to raise awareness among the members of the Legionaries of Christ and the people we work with about the grave consequences of abuse in a victim, the importance of embracing each victim and the inescapable imperative for a culture of protection and care for children.

International Standards for Safe Environment Accreditation: Prevention, Response and Supervision

These standards are a set of practices and procedures, that the Congregation established in 2015 to develop in each country, to PREVENT sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults, ACTING immediately in the case of an allegation.

  • Preventive measures: selection of candidates entering the Legion; adequate initial training for members, especially in the affective-sexual maturation; codes of conduct; sex abuse prevention training programs; immediate intervention in the event of any boundary crossing; support and assistance to members with affective-sexual immaturity; means of perseverance for members.
  • Response measures to any allegation: qualified personnel for any complaint; pastoral care of the affected; thorough investigation; and in collaboration with civil and ecclesiastical authorities.
  • Supervision: establishing safety plans for anyone credibly accused of these crimes, and to prevent them from harming more people.

Acreditation by Praesidium, Inc. 

Our Safe Environment Policies and their application have been accredited by Praesidium, Inc. in the territories of the United States, Spain, Chile-Argentina, Colombia-Venezuela-Ecuador, North of Mexico and Mexico-Central America. Praesidium, Inc. is the most recognized independent agency in the United States for child abuse prevention and assessment. In Spain, we were the first institution to have its policies accredited by Praesidium.

United States Territorial Safe Environments coordinator