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Since 2010, the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ has been on a path of renewal, and in the field of care for victims and the development of safe environments it has publicly committed itself to be accountable each year for its commitments. Three reports have already been published.
In 2019, it published the 1941-2019 Report, a report of historical nature that collects and makes public all cases of abuse since its founding. In 2021 and in 2022, it has published the annual Truth, Justice and Healing Report, published primarily for victims, giving an account of the steps taken in its public commitments.

II Annual Report Truth, Justice and Healing – 2021 

The II Annual Report Truth, Justice and Healing – 2021 gives an account for the second consecutive year on the commitments undertaken by the Congregation for the year 2021. Addressed primarily to the victims, it reports on the steps taken on the path of healing and presents the international program for financial reparation for victims created by the Congregation. It also reports on the steps taken in the certification and development of the safe environment policy implemented since 2014.

I Annual Report Truth, Justice and Healing – 2020

The Annual Report renders an account of the commitments made by the 2020 General Chapter and the current director general, Father John Connor. Addressed primarily to victims, it presents the Congregation’s partnership with Eshmá, an independent professional institution specialized in the care for victims of sexual abuse, abuse of power and abuse of conscience in the Catholic Church.

The Report also explains the reasons why the Legionaries published by name or with a numerical code each case of priests of the Congregation who committed abuse of minors.

1941-2019 Report

The 1941-2019 Report published by the Legionaries of Christ was the result of a thorough study carried out between June and December 2019 of the cases of sexual abuse of minors throughout the history of the Congregation.

The objectives of this report were:
1) A historical diagnosis that would allow the Congregation to confront pending cases
2) Facilitate attention to abuse victims
3) Ensure compliance with civil and ecclesiastical laws
4) Ensure the fulfillment of restrictions put on members of the Congregation who have committed abuse of a minor.
5) Identify any necessary improvement in the Safe Environment Policy so as to assure compliance with the highest international standards